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Mission & Vision

OCARE Education is a comprehensive education & career guidance ecosystem in dentistry. If you are a student, fresh graduate or a professional, looking for expanding your horizons - we are your one point resource for all your career dreams - be it higher education in any country, practice enhancement, or entrepreneurship.

who we are

We are a team of dentists, with a 15 - year experience in education & career guidance in dentistry. We have guided students in their MDS entrance exam preparation, abroad university admissions, clinical practice enhancement, and their entrepreneurial dreams.

what we do

We know what it takes to create an illustrious career. We create need based, tailor made packages for every individual.


Lectures on What after BDS


Students counseled & guided


MDS aspirants guided


NBDE/ MDS lectures taken


I received complete support

─ Dr. Tejas Koparkar

I approached Abroad Avenuez when I started getting anxious and stressful as my NBDE1 (June 2017) was nearing. I was guided by Dr. Rajeev Chitguppi who not only understood & allayed my apprehensions but also gave me many tips on how to crack the exams. I was provided with mnemonics and videos to remember the things that I always feared - various values, tedious eruption sequences, nerve innervations and biochemistry cycles. I was also given tips on time management, how to deal with issues like jet lag so as to optimize my studies. I would like to thank Team Abroad Avenuez for giving me complete support to ensure that my preparation for NBDE 1 was complete & for helping me sail through my exam with ease.

Well informed and well spoken counselors

─ Dr. Deepali Aroor

Me along with my husband and daughter visited Abroad Avenues for consultation regarding career options after BDS abroad.

It was overall a great experience where we were given nice personalized consultation by the counselors. We had many confusions and queries in regards to the opportunities after BDS abroad. They were answered very well by the doctors clearing most of our confusion.

They guided us on CV building as well and how it can be made stronger. Both the counselors were very well informed and well spoken. My daughter was very impressed and quite influenced by the way both doctors guided her. She became more open about the idea of pursuing career outside India. The consultation went very well and we now look forward to seek more guidance from them.

Enlightening & morale boosting experience

─ Dr. Tasmiya Khan, Dr. Shizza Khan & Dr. Priyanka Khadke

It was an honor to meet Dr. Rajeev and be a part of his counseling session. The session was very helpful and added clarity to our thoughts. We were clueless and had no idea how to prepare for NEET.

Dr. Rajeev helped us out with simple and easy ways to prepare for the exam, making things more approachable and thus achievable. He shared many inspirational stories which boosted our morale and pushed us towards achieving our goals, which before meeting him seemed impossible. No knowledge is enough knowledge and it’s true that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

We are looking forward to prepare for the exams under his guidance and support.

We can’t thank him enough for his valuable time and making us a part of his infinite wisdom.

7 steps to Success

─ Dr. Kshitija Sonavane

I secured all India rank as well as state rank in MDS entrance exam and I am now pursuing PG in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - All this would not have been possible without Dr. Rajeev's motivational lectures, time to time guidance. And I definitely won't forget forget your '7 steps to success'. Thank you once again for everything.

I got through 3 programs

─ Dr. Gayatri Iyer

Over the last year, Abroad Avenuez  along with me has worked on so many aspects of my personality and my application to various universities. I cannot put in words how much this journey has benefited me and got through 3 programs! I hold my position happily, at every dentist’s dream school: UCLA School of Dentistry for ACT Program in Restorative Dentistry for International Dentists allowing me to practise in the USA.

Ideal and complete support for DDS

─ Dr. Nitin Sapra

I was always interested in going to a dental school in the USA and practise there but the entire application process, which is quite elaborate, used to scare me. I joined Abroad Avenuez in 2015, which guided me through all the steps from giving my TOEFL to preparing for NBDE exams to filling my CAAPID application and my SOP.

I feel Abroad Avenuez is an ideal platform to provide all the support and saves valuable time. I am very thankful to the entire team for being a part of my success in being accepted into DDS program in SIU School of Dentistry, USA.

Set up a path for my career

─ Dr. Varun Solanki

The whole team of Abroad Avenuez helped me with the application process to actually help me set a path for my career. I applied to 2 courses at UCLA -Advanced Prosthodontics & AEGD Westwood program. Getting selected in both the programs was great news and finalised the AEGD program. The bigger plan is applying to a DDS program which we are working towards and I feel confident about it.

Lecture that became a turning point

─ Dr. Ibemcha Chanu

I felt all blank and didn't know what to do after I saw that I was not even in the list of AIIMS Nov 2014. With AIPG 2015 just two months away, I felt only a miracle could save me; and that's when I attended Dr. Chitguppi's lecture - a lecture that became a turning point in my life. The first thing I realized was that \"One need not know everything; one just needs to be slightly better than others\" to top in AIPG/AIIMS. I also realized that if I keep memorizing the answers given by other authors, I won't be able to create assets for long term benefit. Instead, I focused on concepts & organized them in such a way that I could retrieve and apply them whenever I come across a new question that I had not practiced before.